How to Make Your CEREC® Crowns Last

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CEREC® restorations may well be the future of restorative dentistry. For dentists and patients, this is great news. It means that a person can walk into the dentist’s office with a severe toothache and walk out with a dental crown that looks and functions like a healthy tooth.

Convenience is a major selling point of CEREC® restorations. Another is durability. Here is what to expect from the lifespan of a CEREC® crown, including how to get the most out of your investment.

How long can CEREC® crowns last?

Porcelain crowns are famous for their toughness and long life. Upon closer inspection, though, the craftsmanship that goes into a traditional crown has much to do with how long it lasts. For example:

  • The dentist has to clear the problem tooth of all underlying problems to ensure the success of the crown
  • They have to prepare the tooth by removing just enough enamel to accommodate the permanent crown
  • Next, the dentist has to make an accurate impression of the patient’s teeth
  • At the dental lab, a technician has to make a precise cast of the patient’s teeth, based on the impression from the dentist
  • The technician has to create the perfect blend of materials to create a sturdy, durable crown
  • They also have to control the heat that goes into the firing/curing process of the crown
  • When the dentist gets the crown from the lab, they have to install it with the right amount of precision to create a perfect fit

There are many moving parts to get right. For a traditional crown to succeed in the long term, each step has to be executed perfectly.

With CEREC®, these steps are executed with machine precision. This translates into a crown that has a perfect fit and is made of solid, sturdy ceramic that can last for 25 years or more. Here is how to achieve this impressive longevity.

1. Good oral hygiene

A crown is only as stable as its underlying tooth. This means the tooth that the crown sits on must remain healthy for the crown to survive. To prevent decay and gum problems, keeping the teeth clean is important.

Brushing at least twice a day and flossing at least once can ensure the long life of a CEREC® crown. So does periodic professional teeth cleanings.

2. Good oral habits

Cleaning teeth is 60% of the battle. The rest comes down to protecting the teeth from harm, which a person can do with a few precautions, like:

  • Eating a healthy diet that is low on sugar and acid
  • Avoiding food and drinks that can stain the teeth and the crown
  • Quitting smoking
  • Limiting alcohol consumption
  • Avoiding biting down on hard objects

Along with good oral hygiene, these preventative measures can ensure that a CEREC® crown lasts a good long time.

3. Teeth grinding and dental crowns

Some people suffer from chronic jaw clenching. Often, dentists will screen such patients for dental restorations and recommend alternatives or a workaround. For a patient who needs dental crowns but grinds their teeth, the dentist may recommend a nightguard to protect the teeth during sleep.

Keep an eye on your teeth with periodic dental checks

Our practice specializes in the fitting of CEREC® restorations like dental crowns. We also offer regular dental checkups, so we can keep an eye on the health of your teeth and your restorations. Call us today and set up an appointment.

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