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Sometimes a Tooth Extraction is a Sensible Decision

If you’re living with an ongoing toothache due to an untreated infection or maybe you have suffered other tooth trauma, you likely need the troubled tooth extracted. When damaged or abscessed teeth flair up, the health of surrounding teeth and your overall oral wellbeing becomes compromised. At Gilroy Dental Associates, our goal is to preserve your natural tooth when possible. If conservative treatment approaches are not possible, an extraction might be necessary. Our dentist performs tooth extractions in Gilroy, California to alleviate tooth pain without any delay and then restoring your smile to optimal health.

A Tooth Extraction Walk Through

At your initial consultation, we’ll complete an exam and identify the problem tooth or teeth and determine if a tooth extraction is needed. Since we remain in network with leading insurance providers we will then discuss your payment options. Once we decide to schedule the tooth extraction in Gilroy, CA we have deemed it the best course of action due to infection or trauma. In most situations, tooth extraction is a quick procedure that won’t cause you pain. Patients often report that they experience dull pressure during the procedure yet remained completely comfortable and relaxed at their appointment.

Once you have arrived for your tooth extraction procedure at our Gilroy, California practice, we’ll first ensure you are comfortable and then numb the gums around your tooth with a local anesthetic. Next, we’ll use forceps to grasp your tooth and gently remove it, being careful to not harm adjacent teeth or bone and gum tissue at the site. With an oral and maxillofacial surgeon (OMS) in the office, Gilroy Dental Associates performs tooth extraction procedures with the utmost accuracy. The procedure is quick and you will be out of the chair in no time! Your healing period will last a few days, and we will provide detailed instructions for aftercare.
If you need a wisdom tooth extracted or all your third molars removed, our priority is to ensure you are comfortable and calm for your surgery. We will provide sedation dentistry as needed and prepare the surgical site by administering a local anesthetic. Next, we’ll remove your wisdom teeth while preserving the surrounding bone and gum tissues. Once your surgery is complete, we’ll provide instructions for your recovery and aftercare maintenance

Tooth Extraction Outcomes

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After Care for Your Extracted Tooth

After any tooth extraction, you must remain mindful of the healing process to ensure a healthy recovery. A blood clot typically forms over an empty tooth socket during healing. If this doesn’t happen or if the blood clot is removed, the bone and nerves below the socket become exposed. This results in a painful complication called dry socket. Dry socket is preventable, and to secure a simple recovery follow the post-extraction guidelines that we’ll review with you after your surgery.

Extracting the troubled tooth shouldn’t be the end of your treatment. For patients who have extracted a tooth, we recommend replacing the hole in your smile with a dental implant. A dental implant is the only permanent solution for tooth replacement. Dental implants look and act just like natural teeth since they mimic the natural structure of your tooth including the root. Ask our team about your smile restoration options.

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