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4 Fantastic Benefits of Full Arch Implants
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A Personal Smile Revolution

When was the last time you truly admired your appearance? Are you tired of a lifestyle full of limitation, dietary restraint, social discomforts, physical pains? If you have many failing or missing teeth, you are likely growing closer and closer to feeling emotionally and physically drained. Don’t spend another month living with oral challenges. If a complete and attractive smile is what you aspire to have, we can end the painful smile journey for good. Come to Gilroy Dental associates and consult with us about your smile goals, your lifestyle needs, and your budget ability. We are committed to developing a plan to get you full mouth dental implants in Gilroy, CA. Our team is highly experienced in this field of treatment and we believe the outcome will truly transform you, come and see if you agree!
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The Three Options for All New Teeth

When it comes to replacing a full mouth of teeth you have 3 options. Although each is customizable and will restore some form of function and aesthetics it is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages when shopping for full arch solutions. Firstly, Dentures, although the most affordable option has proven not to be the best long-term solution. Dentures require repair and readjustments over time and although they work for many individuals most report discomfort with the fit and stability. The second option, implant supported dentures are dentures that attach to dental implants. This hybrid solution increases stability and function. Your final option for full arch replacements is full mouth dental implants. Dental implants are the premium solution in full arch rehabilitation, mostly since they’re permanent and therefore the highest functioning and most natural-looking. While the immediacy of dentures can alleviate the need for missing teeth, it’s important to know that healthier and permanent solutions certainly exist! Our cosmetic and implant dentist in Gilroy, CA, has completed ongoing training to place and restore dental implants. After many years of experience transforming the lives of individuals in our community, we are confident in our approach and hope you trust us with the future of your smile.

Traditional Dentures

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Implant Supported Dentures

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Full Mouth Dental Implants

The Gilroy Smile Transformation Method


Your Goals Becomes Our Focus

The first step in a full mouth dental implant operation is your personalized consultation. Here we’ll be able to discuss a vision for your new smile, we will also discuss any health concerns. Next, we will capture imaging, to help us determine your candidacy for each tooth replacement solution, this information will inform our planning process when you decide to move forward. The majority of patients that inquire are already candidates for full mouth dental implants, however, if you have bone loss or gum disease, we can get over those minor hurdles with preliminary treatments available at Gilroy Dental too.

At your consultation, ask to see photos of real Gilroy Dental patients to alleviate any doubts while envisioning your smile’s future potential. At this consultation, we will also discuss dental implant pricing, insurance coverage, and financing options. When you decide to book your procedure for dental implants in Gilroy, CA our implant dentist will begin the surgical planning phase for your case. Our predictable method ensures each implant is placed in the exact location for a successful outcome.

Together we’ll discuss the best option for you and if you’d like, you can see before and after case studies from real Gilroy Dental Associates patients including how their treatment truly changed their lives. Dental implant pricing, insurance coverage, and financing options will also be discussed. If dental implants are best for you, our Gilroy, CA implant dentist completes precise surgical planning to ensure each implant placed is in the exact angle, depth, and location for optimal, lasting success, and ideal aesthetics.


The Big Day, Procedure Time

On the day of your dental implant surgery, you’ll visit our office as usual. Depending on your anxiety and nervousness leading up to the procedure, we can offer sedation dentistry solutions to make this visit relaxing. Once you’re comfortable we’ll place four or more dental implants into pre-planned positions in the jawbone. It is our responsibility to ensure your implant is placed as accurately and successfully as possible which will guarantee it lasts. Whether you’re replacing your upper arch or lower arch or both with a full mouth of new teeth, the surgical phase can be completed in a single day. After the implants are secured we can immediately place your temporary teeth atop. These temporaries function and appear as your final smile will, but are worn for the healing phase.


The Big Reveal

Your treatment site will need at least three months to fully heal after implant surgery. During this time each dental implant post will fuse with the jawbone during a process called osseointegration. This superior bond makes dental implants the premier solution to regain a natural smile. Once you’re healed, you will return to the Gilroy Dental Office for your final restoration.

Dental Implant restorations do vary in material and therefore quality. Since Gilroy Dental’s founding, we have been focused on both function and aesthetics. We hold those same standards when it comes to providing modern dental implants. We provide our patients with the most natural-looking, durable options available on the market today. Eventually, you’ll forget they're not your natural teeth, and so will everyone around you!

The quality of restorations out there can vary. Focused on both function and aesthetics, at Gilroy Dental Associates offer some of the most natural-looking options on the market today, able to match the look of natural teeth almost exactly while offering durable function. We’ll fit your custom-made bridge of new teeth to your dental implants making sure your bite is properly aligned. You’ll leave our office with a lifelike, functional, and confident new look that will last for years to come!

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Price is Only One Factor to Consider

If you are considering full mouth dental implants in Gilroy, CA, Gilroy Dental Associates will make sure it’s one of the best investments you make. Full arch dental implants never slip or fall out of your mouth. They rival the durability of natural teeth and look identical too. If your financial situation is becoming a limitation, our office staff will make sure you get the value you deserve. We can manage your insurance claims to help you get all the benefits your plan entitles you to. We also partner with trusted private financing institutions to make this procedure a simple monthly payment. Make your teeth your priority, your future smile is bright!

New teeth, new smile, new you.

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