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Custom Braces Build Symmetrical Smiles

Regardless if you have just a few crooked or crowded teeth or your complete smile needs repositioning, Gilroy Dental Associates offers custom braces in Gilroy, California. Our experienced dentist offers a custom alignment process that considers your unique functional and cosmetic goals. We understand that your budget can be a major player in your decision to move forward with braces. At Gilroy Dental we accept multiple insurance providers and offer financing options too. Orthodontic treatment is proven to have dramatic improvements to your self-esteem, your oral and overall health, and your long-term personal satisfaction with your smile.

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Benefits of Our Braces Solutions

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What to Expect

We start your orthodontics treatment by considering your current oral concerns. Why are you considering orthodontics? Many of our Gilroy, CA braces patients have purely cosmetic motivations while others have painful malocclusion (overbite, underbite, etc.) threatening their health and their limiting their oral function. We perform an oral exam and take scans and impressions of your smile to gather all the information we need to craft a custom treatment plan. Depending on your unique needs and preferences your braces treatment can last between a few months to over a year. You’ll return to our office for adjustments and each time you do we’ll assess your progress and keep you informed on your timeline.
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The Lasting Benefits of A Straightened Smile

A straighter, more confident smile is just the beginning. The boost in your self-esteem can have lasting effects not only on your immediate emotional health but your overall outlook on life. Oral function will also be renewed which means you’ll be able to eat and speak with greater ease as well. With straight teeth comes easier hygiene routines. Gaps no longer trap food and crowded teeth are easier to floss. This advantage has shown long-term effects on our patients’ oral health, minimizing tooth decay and gum disease, as well as protecting their systemic health. If left untreated dental decay and infection can spread to become a systemic infection.

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