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When is Bone Grafting Necessary?

As the foundation of your smile, your bone plays a vital role in supporting your teeth and preserving your facial structure. When you are lacking one or more teeth, it is important to rebuild proper bone volume within your jaw. When a tooth is extracted or missing, your bone does not receive the stimulation of natural tooth roots which ultimately keep the jawbone dense. As teeth are removed and not replaced, the jawbone slowly retreats resulting in progressive bone loss. Bone loss can present a wide range of issues for your oral wellbeing including loosening of your teeth, a lack of lip or cheek support, and other jaw complications. To preserve both function and appearance, our dental team at Gilroy Dental offers bone grafting in Gilroy, CA.

Understanding Bone Grafts

Bone grafting is a surgical procedure that involves placing dental bone graft material in areas where the bone has resorbed or may in the future. We offer bone grafting in Gilroy, CA to restore the necessary density, height, and width of the bone in the jaw. If you require this treatment, we accept insurance policies  to make your treatment obtainable. Bone grafting may involve one or more of the following procedures:


Socket Preservation

Socket preservation is a bone grafting procedure our dentist completes after tooth extraction. This involves placing bone graft material into the empty tooth socket. Socket preservation slows the resorption process where the tooth is missing. It can also help preserve the health of the bone until a dental implant can be placed.


Ridge Augmentation

Ridge augmentation refers to a bone grafting procedure that restores the natural density and contours of part or the entirety of a jaw ridge. Restoring healthy bone levels to a jaw arch can make dentures more comfortable and fitted to your gumline.


Sinus Lifts

When the bone in the premolar or molar areas of the jaw has lost density or volume, you may benefit from receiving a sinus lift in Gilroy, CA. This procedure will gently lift the sinus cavity and place bone grafting material in place to restore proper bone height.

Bone Grafting is Advantageous

Although bone grafting may seem like a functional treatment, this procedure has broad benefits for the future aesthetics of your smile. Since tooth and bone loss can result in several problems including your ability to eat or feel proud of your appearance, it’s important to understand the cause of bone loss and curb its impact on your oral health. When you decide to restore bone density levels in your jaw, our team in Gilroy, CA can treat underlying disease or infection. We also have options to replace your missing teeth with a dental bridge, full or partial dentures, or dental implants. Don’t let your confidence diminish alongside your jaw.

Eliminate progressing jawbone loss.

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