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When most of your teeth are failing and missing or you’re already wearing dentures, everyday functions (speaking, eating, laughing) become a real hassle. Today, dentistry has evolved, and modern technology has empowered dental implants as a way of transforming patients’ lives. If a healthy and social lifestyle is what you are working towards, Gilroy Dental Associates wants to help! Full mouth restoration options include removable dentures, implant supported dentures (fixed or removable), or permanently fixed full arch implants all available in Gilroy, CA. Before you commit, it is wise to understand the drawbacks and advantages of each treatment solution. Understanding your smile goals will help us cater a treatment plan designed specifically to fit your mouth and your lifestyle.
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What are The Advantages of Fixed vs. Removable Teeth

As you’re most likely aware of dentures, this removable option has been around for ages and although this was once the standard solution, today it falls at the bottom tier of tooth replacement solutions. Since these artificial teeth are set on an acrylic base that then lays over your gums, they don’t function the way a natural bite would. If aesthetics are your only focus, dentures can return you to a toothy smile when you need it. The next tier is a functional upgrade, implant supported dentures in Gilroy, CA are a happy medium. This solution increases stability and functionality by using at least two dental implants that can be fixed into place or removable. Implant supported dentures do wear over time and may require adjustments or repairs. The top tier solution for missing teeth is Full mouth dental implants. These consist of a fixed prosthetic bridge of teeth that permanently secures to many dental implants. This solution restores your smile to complete functionality as if you had a natural smile. If you need help deciding the option that best suits you, schedule a consultation to receive a personalized treatment plan.
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Traditional Dentures

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Implant Supported Dentures

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Full Arch Fixed Teeth

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Implant Care from an Experienced Team

When you merge skill with experience and mix in state-of-the-art technology and implant systems, you create the opportune environment for transformative dental implant treatments. We are confident in our ability to provide cutting-edge surgery with excellent long-term outcomes. With our custom treatment plans, we can deliver a solution that precisely fits your goals, needs, and wants! We have developed a straightforward and efficient treatment process to put you in the hands of the best care available. When you’re ready to regain your smile, schedule a consultation with our implant dentist in Gilroy, CA. We will complete diagnostics and inform you of the course of action including any preliminary treatments. Dental implant surgery will take place right in the familiarity of our office. This surgery includes sedation therapy and is precise. We use guided technology to complete the procedure in just a few hours. We can provide new temporary teeth or modify your existing denture, so you’ll have functional teeth as you heal. After recovery, your final set of teeth will be crafted to meet your exact specifications and placed to complete your smile permanently.

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Our dental implant solutions in Gilroy, California provide our patients with permanent improvements in health and confidence. We believe your smile and your health is worthy of the investment and the results can last a lifetime, therefore we’re committed to showing you the value of a full mouth of teeth restored with dental implants. Whether you are insured or not, don’t draw any assumptions before you chat with us. We’ve partnered with select dental financers to help you afford treatment, no matter your financial situation. You’ll find that the process is simple and fast. We are here to assist the whole way through to make this possible.

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