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Although some people have a negative association attached to the dentist, we are here to change your perspective. In the surrounding Gilroy, California community, more than half of the population is neglecting their dental health and ignoring visits to the dentist! If you are one of these people who haven’t seen a dentist in some time, our modern approach of minimally invasive dentistry assisted by technology and a caring staff can surely change your mind. If the community wasn’t our priority, we would not have survived in business for over 40 years here in Gilroy, CA. Through compassion and trust, our team at Gilroy Dental creates an unintimidating and inclusive environment for all. We want to empower you with the ability to focus on your oral health regardless of your last dental visit.
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Our team is comprised of several skilled, trained, and certified dental professionals with the credentials to fix your dental discomforts and provide specialized treatments. Whether it’s wisdom teeth extraction, dental implants, or orthodontic options in addition to general dental services, we can customize a treatment plan to your specifications. With over 40 years invested in our communities’ smiles, you and your family won’t have to visit a chain of unfamiliar offices to upkeep a healthy smile. If affordability is a concern, our team can handle, correct, and explain insurance plans, previous dental miscommunication, or trauma from poor-quality care. We will ensure you maximize your dental insurance benefits or receive the dental financing you need to move forward on your journey towards a healthy smile. Your search for quality dental care in Gilroy, CA ends with Gilroy Dental!

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